Strategic/Executive Advice

“making the right IT decisions for your business”

cue IT Solutions offers strategic advice for businesses, allowing organisations to leverage the capabilities of a CIO without the associated overheads. Our senior industry experts will add value to your organisation, ensuring technology decisions are made with strategic business objectives in mind, are costed correctly and offer return on investment.

Strategic CIO services can be utilised but not limited to the following situations:

• An organisation has the need for IT or technological expertise but does not want to employ someone full-time to provide this service.
• An organisation has a technology project that might require more expertise than is currently available in-house.
• An organisation is looking for a non-biased, vendor neutral decision for their business that focuses on the appropriate solution for the business.
• An organisation might feel that the current IT setup (for varying reasons), needs to upgraded. Strategic input would confirm and suggest future technology solutions that would best suit the organisation.
• Prior to commencement and choice of new technology partner to ensure that strategic company objectives are met by any technology partner choice.
• Prior to the commencement of technology projects, ensuring that project timelines and technology deliverables are met.

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